Who are these events for?
Our events are for sober and sober-curious people. Whether you're one day sober or 20 years. Whether you got sober in rehab, in the rooms of AA, by reading books, or on your own. We don't care how or why you got sober. We're just happy you're sober!

What do you mean by "sober-curious"? 

Sober-curious is a relatively new term that can mean different things to different people. Here's a definition we like, from Bustle.com:


"In a nutshell, identifying as sober curious means you know from experience that alcohol doesn’t make you feel great and you don’t drink it often, but you’re not willing to put an all-or-nothing label on yourself."

Sober-curious can also mean you're contemplating giving up alcohol altogether, and are considering embracing a sober lifestyle.

Your journey is your own. If you're wanting to be around sober people and have fun doing things where the presence of alcohol is a non-issue, come to our events!


I quit drinking, but I still smoke pot. Am I allowed to attend events?

We can't emphasize this enough: Your journey is your own.


For some people, giving up alcohol was huge, and smoking weed is no biggie. For others, mind altering in any manner is a dangerous, slippery slope.


When it comes to being a part of SITNB, YOU are the authority of your own life, and you get to decide what sobriety is for you.

We just ask that you attend our events not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that you don't endorse or advocate your choices to anyone choosing differently.

Whatever choices you've made for your own life are yours and we don't judge!

I'm sober but my partner isn't. Can I bring my partner to SITNB events?
Of course! As long as your partner is cool with being "unaltered" (not under the influence of drugs or alcohol) at our events, we welcome them to come hang with a bunch of sober folks and experience life undiluted with us!

I want to be sober, but I keep slipping and don't have much sober time. Can I still attend?
Yes. We don't care how long you've been sober, or if you're having trouble maintaining sobriety. You may find the support and connection of a sober community to be the boost you need for long-term sobriety. We're wired for community, especially when making such important changes in our lives. Whatever your sobriety/recovery path, going it alone is not recommended.

If you have tried to get sober and keep drinking, in spite of your best efforts or intentions, we recommend you seek help/treatment.

And as always, please come sober to our events.

I'm an introvert and have social anxiety. Will these events be uncomfortable?

You'd be surprised how many of us are right there with you! Our events are created to nudge you out of your comfort zones without being painful! Many of us found that being sober makes it more challenging to socialize, especially in early sobriety, but what a great way to create new ways of connecting and having fun, alcohol and drug-free.

I've tried AA and it doesn't work for me. Will SITNB be enough to keep me sober?

It's impossible and inappropriate for us to say what will work for you. SITNB is not a recovery or treatment program. If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, please seek treatment.


There are many ways to recover. AA is one of them that is working for many of us. However, we do not promote any program of recovery, including AA, in keeping in line with the principles of that particular program.

We are many people with many paths of sobriety. Some of us have gotten sober on our own, others through 12 Steps, SMART Recovery, Recovery Dharma, Celebrate Recovery, great sobriety podcasts, FB groups. We live in a time rich with resources and options. We don't represent or push any method. Find the path that works for you!

SITNB Events & Experiences are designed to support and supplement your existing recovery path.

For some, connection and community is the missing link in their long term sobriety efforts. In this way, SITNB can make a difference for you, but again, is not intended to be a substitute for treatment or a program of recovery.

I know my relationship to alcohol is problematic but I just can't call myself 'an alcoholic.' I don't want to use that label. I see others in the group use it comfortably. Is this a conflict?

NO! Your journey is your own. How you identify or label yourself, for whatever reasons is your business. Some of us are quite comfortable with using the term 'alcoholic.' In fact, for many of us, finally using the term was the beginning of our recovery.  Our resistance to the word itself has kept many of us caught in the cycle of addiction.

When it comes down to it, it matters less what you call it and more that you face it, and work on healing it. You can call it 'bicycle' if you want! The important thing is to admit your relationship to alcohol is problematic, so you can go about making changes, finding solutions and doing the work to get better.

What you do or don't call yourself pales in comparison to the importance of getting sober. If calling yourself an alcoholic helps you stay sober, or if not calling yourself an alcoholic helps you more, that sounds right to us!

I've never had a problem with alcohol or drugs, I just don't like bars and nightclubs, booze-centered events or being around drunk people. Can I still attend?
If you like the idea of having fun at alcohol and drug free events and you're looking to expand your social connections in inspiring, meaningful ways, with sober people, then YES! Come play with us.

Where are your events held?
Currently, our events are in the Dallas area, with plans to expand into Ft. Worth, Austin and other cities in the future. Some of our events are held in public places like restaurants and parks. Other events will be held in spaces we have rented for private use.

I have an idea for an event! Can I suggest it?
Yes, please! We are always open to ideas and suggestions and would also love your help in hosting and coordinating. If you have at least 30 days of continuous sobriety, consider jumping in as an event host/coordinator. Contact us if interested.

I'm more of a social media person. Do you have an online group I can get comfortable with, before I attend a live event?
Yes! Our private Facebook Group is alive and vibrant, with local people supporting one another, inspiring each other and connecting in between events. You can request to join here.

Want to get involved? Got a question that wasn't covered? 

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