Our mission is to provide connection, belonging and support to sober and sober-curious humans through local events, celebrations, workshops and casual get-togethers.


We are social creatures, and just because we don't drink doesn't mean we don't still want to have a good time. 

We are on a mission...


To cultivate a rich and vibrant sober scene in DFW and beyond.

To provide social, creative and inspiring events on a regular basis, so that no sober person can ever say "there's nothing to do, now that I'm sober."


To give back to our community by serving, supporting and showing up.


Our desire is to create events and experiences that are alcohol and drug free. You don't have to be a non-drinker to attend, we just ask that you do not attend our events under the influence of any kind of alcohol or drug, and that you stay sober during the course of our events.

We reserve the right to refuse entry or ask someone to leave if it appears they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in order to protect the integrity of our events, and our guests.

Please keep in mind some of our events will be held in places where alcohol is present. (Restaurants, bowling alleys, etc.) Our group will be sober, and our guests will be expected to not drink in those situations as well.


All decent humans welcome. Zero tolerance for discrimination, bigotry, racism, sexism, sexual harassment, bashing or bullying of any kind. Mean people suck. Don't be a dick.

Our community is comprised of all different types of people, with all different types of sobriety and recovery paths. We ask that you respect other paths, do not promote or push yours, or bash/condemn anyone's choices or tools. We believe if it's working for you, that's most important. We're just glad you're sober.


Many of our events have a cost associated with them. Please do not let cost deter you. If you'd like to attend but due to current circumstances, cost is an obstacle, contact us for scholarship or barter.