Sober Social Events


Parties, dances, karaoke nights, comedy and more, in an alcohol-free, drug-free environment.

pERSONAL GROWTH Workshops & Sobriety Support Groups

Support your journey with a variety of events for body, mind and soul. Offerings like yoga, journaling, book club and more.

Arts & Culture 


Live music, art galleries, open mics, painting, etc in a alcohol-free/drug-free setting with other sober people.

Recovery Life Coaching


Private coaching with certified Life & Recovery Coaches, treatment and service referrals and more.

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One of the greatest concerns people have about getting sober is how their decision will impact their social lives. 'Will I ever have fun again?' 'Will I still have a social life?'

The answer is YES!

In fact, get ready for a social life that is richer, more authentic and more fulfilling than what you'd ever find in bars and night clubs, in a community of others who, like you, are living sober.


You've made the most important decision of your life-- to live sober. Congratulations! 

Whichever path of sobriety you're on, Sober is the New Black: Events & Experiences will support you in fun and adventurous ways. 

Community and connection are critical when it comes to living a healthy, sober lifestyle.


We don't recover in isolation, yet finding community and connection can be challenging outside of traditional treatment models.

Not anymore. We saw a need, because we too were craving fun and excitement, culture and connection in our own sober lifestyles.


We're glad you're here,
and we'll see you at one of our upcoming events.

Whether you're looking a fun and alcohol/drug-free place to dance the night away,
or prefer more intimate supportive groups with a few great people, we'll have something going on.

Sober is the New Black: Events & Experiences is not a treatment or recovery program, nor is it intended as a substitute for treatment for alcohol or substance abuse. Our programs and events are designed to support and supplement your existing recovery program.

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, please seek professional help or treatment. There are many paths to recover, find the one that works for you. Here are some options.